“I’ve had the good fortune to work with Anna over the course of a year. Her coaching has propelled me forward to transform myself personally and professionally. Anna is an insightful and inspiring mentor who gets to the heart of key issues and obstacles, gently guiding towards workable solutions. I highly recommend Anna for any individual or organization ready to make substantive changes and uncover a more purposeful and fulfilling approach to life and work.”

Linda Saindon | Alchemic LLC

Marketing Social Business & Digital Strategist

“I find the Seeing (things) Whole roundtable to be an oasis of my life where I can be with people in their times of need and they are there for me. It is hard to find groups of people where you can be completely open and talk candidly about issues and decisions that are important to you without receiving advice or lobbying.”

“Anna speaks a hard truth in the most loving and gentle way. She is well-educated in many fields, and her passion for those issues is uplifting and contagious.”

Alexandra Raven

“My experience of Anna Lloyd’s leadership reflects her understanding of the necessity of systemically building capacity within non-profit organizations. This approach leads to greater clarity, efficiency and effectiveness in administration, operations and community impact.”

Pastor Barbara Wilson | Grace Center

Founder and Executive

“You (Anna) have a natural leader quality that people stop and take notice of you without you even speaking. You have an ability to pull apart what someone is sharing and find the tiniest morsel of a characteristic to encourage or compliment them on. You have an incredible ability to lift someone up…an admirable way of helping people see, think and dream way out of their comfort zone.”

Michelle Eckman

“Anna Lloyd is widely regarded as a compassionate and mindful leader. She has built her career by honoring and supporting people and organizations in times of transition. As a change agent, her approach and influence leads to personal empowerment that inspires engaged, productive and profitable behavior.”

Center for Integrative Leadership

University of Minnesota

“I would like to say that it has been a great semester learning from the course. The course wasn’t like any accounting courses I took. This is just so different both technically and psychologically. I started paying attention to politics, to social issues, to different types of people living in the society. From answering questions, preparing for the presentation, I really enjoyed the long process of discovering and approaching to the essence in different ways. And I felt extremely happy when I finally figured out how to answer the question after reading comments from you and from other teammates. It was a valuable and priceless learning process. And I do benefit a lot from the course. Not just texts I read or topics we discussed. More importantly it was the mindset and the skills I learned, the ability to adjust angles.”

(Katty) Xiao, Lou


“When I signed up for the class, I thought I would learn about how to responsibly run my own business (or how to be responsible in the company you’re working in). By that I mean, how you can make your employees help out the community by incentives or how you can help your company be responsible by recycling. I never expected to learn about how businesses can help their community in a whole new different way. Before entering the classroom, I had thoughts about what I can do to help the planet and how I can help people in need (but mainly about helping the planet). I can honestly say that I learned something that I will always use in my life to try to improve the BoP and the planet.”

Gloria Nolasco


“I’ve always been looking for opportunities to be bigger than myself. This class helped me realize that I don’t need to wait for a chance to change the lives of others.”

Jessica Kunamalla


“I didn’t know how to organize my management team or get us all to be creative; however, I took each of the tools, along with one of the texts, and got us all together and designing new customer interaction styles AND new peer to peer conversations. Thank you! Great class, and really useful tools!”

Laura Pettering