This week’s blog is written by guest blogger, Angela Schiavon, creator of Chronically Gluten Free. Aside from being a blogger, Angela works as a Marketing Account Executive at Ruben Digital Media, and agency specializing in digital brand development

Since I was a young girl, I have always envisioned myself doing “big things.” From being a scientist to owning my own business, it’s no secret that I am extremely ambitious and entrepreneurial. My parents always encouraged me to dream big, my father regularly telling me that “the world is your oyster.”

People have always told me that I have natural leadership ability, after all, I am a Leo. When I was younger, I did not really understand what that meant but as I have grown up, this concept makes more sense. I love helping others and being a role model for friends and family. It’s only fitting that I have taken on various leadership roles despite only being in the beginning of my career.

Growing up, my mother did a fantastic job instilling in me the importance of being a strong, independent and confident woman. She demonstrates all of these qualities herself, I always will look up to her. She has been my inspiration for how I should behave and be seen by the world.

What Leadership Means to Me as A Millennial Woman - Anna Lloyd Consulting

My Ruben Digital Media team and I (far left) – we are a tech company made up of mostly women.

As a millennial woman, my thoughts on leadership are probably a little different than those of generations before mine. Leadership has been commonly viewed as putting somebody in a place of power and waiting for them to guide others towards taking action. While this is true, I do not think that it even comes close to how we view leadership today.

I think what defines someone as a leader are not merely the skills that they possess, but rather the ability they have to make their voice be heard. Being a leader means that you care about other’s success before your own. Leaders typically behave in a way that they want those around them to emulate. Leaders take action, display respect and most importantly they inspire others to become leaders too.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing women around the world take a stance on what they believe in. What we do now will affect future generations, and to be able to be apart of the generation that embraces and drives change makes me proud. Millennial women are not only redefining leadership – we are redefining the world.