A friend of mine owns a bar and features great music and musicians. She’s a mom and her older sons join her there, working at a variety of things, engaged and musical themselves.

The bar business is an under sung one. Never really completed, the ongoing service provided to anyone who walks in is constant; in this bar, my friend, a significant singer, has been attracting nightly crowds for 25 years. But now she’s moving on.

She is ready for her next chapter. She sees the chapter outline and moves toward it even as the unknown over the next year feels daunting. I know her to be courageous, so her decision doesn’t surprise me but her ease with which she is clear about letting go is impressive. Her voice is still strong, piano fingers still nimble, crowd still finds her. Yet she knows. She feels something else, new, inside, and intends to pursue it. Anais Nin said something about this…“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

I don’t think my friend felt tight at all until she began to be called to do something different; interesting how this works. Then discovering more about what could be next slowly became a dominant theme vs the soul satisfaction she has received, almost every night, from singing and playing.

Being “called” is fantastic! It changes my lens through which I see and feel everything else. If you haven’t felt called in a while, sit quietly anywhere and begin to notice what crosses your mind! Maybe meditate, certainly chuckle, feel the resistance, and remain expectant of something fabulous arriving.

Or, simply feel the pain of staying where you are. Too much of that will push you forward, seeking or not.

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