As a working professional like myself and millions of other Americans, having a large network of highly skilled professionals amplifies your career, personal growth and relationships. However, it is not just about the number of contacts you acquire, but the quality of the people in your circle. Remember when building such relationships, mindfulness is key in making sure that your vision aligns with the other person’s vision. Shared goals or experiences link together and foster change. If you embrace change and creativity, then adding people to your group who also inspire change and creativity will build stronger connections and amazing possibilities.

Finding such people is difficult especially with work commitments and schedules. Luckily, there are several networks that offer incredible opportunity to join them. As a member, you will meet an extraordinary group of people with beliefs that align with your values. I belong to one such amazing organization called Change Create Transform. CCT is “a community of individuals and institutions embracing change and achieving exceptional results by unleashing and nurturing human potential through creativity, change and transformation.” Standing on the principles of compassion and goodwill, I am extremely passionate about this positive and energetic group. CCT represents a diverse selection of industries and offers many different developmental components including: strategy & planning, executive development, consulting, interim leadership available to entrepreneurs, businesses and individuals.

Change Create Transform embraces a new way of doing business. Unique to this organization is their innovative vision reframing human capital. Participating in CCT has truly given me the opportunity to share my intellectual capital with those around me as well as gaining from other industry experts. As my circle widens, so does the opportunity for creative change and growth.

Become a part of Change Create Transform today and start seeing how you can make a difference in the world of change!