There’s a call out for thoughtful, smart, passionate people to run for office. Our nation’s political parties desperately need an infusion of new blood; we are screeching around proverbial curves blaming one another for both inaction and too much action and we have almost lost our minds.

There’s a New York organization coming into Chicago later this week called change.create.transform. Committed to changing the older ways in which we think about people as employees instead of relationships to explore and collaborate with; creating disruptions/interruptions in the “old school” systems strangling Chicago business and education success; and transforming hearts with minds as we work with clusters of entrepreneurs intent upon making money while having impact.

New leadership is on the rise. It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen. I teach MBA candidates right now who fully intend to make a great deal of money throughout their career. On a parallel track, each one is figuring out how to take advantage, in the best sense of this word, of one another and team up to design incentives to other, younger, entrepreneurs who need a hand from someone earnestly engaged in changing healthcare, the redesign of community college access, establishing music as a neurological necessity for both intellect and meditation and calm; I am very fortunate to be among some of our academic best and to share possibilities. And, to corral the investors who believe in them.

Leadership is about risks and I intend to take them and be with people who want to. We all benefit and nothing makes me happier. Get into politics. Focus and pursue innovation. Make money and share it. Hold us all accountable. We need you.