How does a man get dragged down an airplane aisle and bloodied in the name of “following policy”?  


I’ll suggest how. People with authority get aggressive easily when that authority is questioned, especially publicly.  They lose control and no longer care about much of anything except being successful in that one special way i.e. you heard me, I’m in charge, and do what I tell you to do.  United Airlines had alternatives to consider quickly and the Chicago Department of Aviation, the security staff employer, did too.  What happened?  Personal impulse trumped.  One staffer simply wanted success no matter the means to achieve it.

United is in a publicity fiasco, well deserved, that actually is an internal training mess.  The Aviation folks need a breather and should feel ashamed, frankly.  Where were the adults in this chaos? The doctor who was treated violently and left angry and bruised should sue and Americans, ultimately known for our compassion believe it or not, should continue to demand a public accounting of next steps by the “authorities” involved.

We are imploding, exhausted by a climate building for years that suspends normal thoughtful behavior in favor of getting whatever we want immediately.  We are better people than this and can be grateful to the passengers who shared this ugliness as it gives us yet another chance to stop, consider and reconnect with compassion and calm.


Be angry and then continue to be the change.