I attended a seminar over the weekend and listened to several people talk about a personal story, a recent experience, that led to clarity yet immediate vulnerability, a “penny dropping” within, and discovering the grace of simply moving ahead…confident in the idea that things could/might be okay…prepared to practice little acts of confidence whether feeling it or not. It made me think about the times when I have been invited to change in my relationships to others on my team and it felt like the beginning of my end….given that I had no previous experience at both being the boss AND changing my own behavior with employees, I failed miserably. But, my managers decided to help me as they didn’t really want me to leave, just to get better at relating, whatever that was…

Anna Lloyd Consulting gets to the heart of the challenge, teaches you to focus, and provides you with a script to engage in communicating differently. We just confirmed a client in Australia who struggles with his “lack of sensitivity” with his team even as he just finished the first quarter with outstanding revenues; in the Twin Cities, we’ve met with a team of business developers who can’t focus on collaboration but only on immediate profits and yet represent a brand that publicly takes pride in a reputation of service and customer satisfaction. Here, in Chicago, I conducted a workshop last week with divinity students eager to serve people yet uncertain about how to break from tradition and integrate a spiritual practice into their own leadership as denomination professionals. In each case, Anna Lloyd Consulting seeks first to help you know your challenge clearly. Once understood, several tools might work for you and we design each with you, practice with you and test results with you.

Our lives are easily tumultuous and rocky, especially with regard to our work. Anna Lloyd Consulting can facilitate changes and collaborate with your success.