Watching the President’s joint address to Congress recently, I saw an unmistakable sea of women dressed in white amongst the standard dark suits in the crowd. It was a beautiful and powerful image.  A quick Google search led me to discover that these women banded together to wear white, the symbol of the suffragist movement, a movement equally supported by many across political aisles for many years.  The effort was fueled by Lois Frankel, a House member from Florida, who wanted to intentionally draw attention to Americans’ concerns that our new administration has seemingly placed several civil liberties sustaining the rights of women on the proverbial table i.e. “up for grabs”.

Millions of Americans champion the idea that our equality with one another serves as the greatest platform we offer our families and our employers from which to harness the American spirit and “make America great again”, and I look forward to every opportunity to stand up, speak out, and remain engaged with our leaders who intend to build on these personal and legal rights.  So, in this easily fraught conversational climate, where “sides” seem entrenched in opposition, infinitely divided, and the tone of dialogue can get darker by the minute, these women from throughout this great country reminded me of what unity can look like.  And it was lovely.

Source: ouse-wear-white-suffragists